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With the explosion of social media in recent years, organisations are rethinking their learning strategies to include social tools. Social learning has gained some real momentum over the last 12 months, with the emergence of Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) such as Totara Social.

Social Learning involves learning from each other through collaboration, sharing and networking using tools such as forums, blogs and shared content.

Totara have launched Totara Social, an ESN specifically designed to facilitate collaborative working, knowledge-sharing and communication amongst staff. Complementing the standard Totara LMS, Totara Social allows employees to learn and share information in a fun and effective way.

Features of Totara Social

Social Networking


Social networking
Manage connections with your co-workers and control what they’re able to see. Ensure information is kept up to date with group-based feeds.

Share and collaborate on new work


Sharing and collaborating on new work
Upload files, add descriptions and tags to them and decide who gets to see what. Propose new changes in a democratic environment and mix up pages to share with others

Customise and share work


Customisable and shareable work
Add whatever is necessary to your profile with a drag-and-drop interface and share with your colleagues. Let them do the same to further enhance and extend your work.

Blog together


Blogging together
Create and maintain blogs for projects or groups, add files and share information with new audiences

A create-your-own knowledge base  

A create-your-own knowledge base
Ask and answer questions to different groups or people and vote on the results. Search existing answers, share them and mix them in to take them further.

A skills profiler      


A skills profiler
Use digital resumes and extended profiles to properly distribute and manage your talent pool.

More information on Totara Social

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